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Megan Abbott (Five Surprising Influences on You Will Know Me)

Megan Abbott (Shelf Life)

Megan Abbott (Interviewed by Meg Pokrass)  

David Abrams (Fiction, The Literarian #3)

Elliot Ackerman (The Story of the Book)

Chimamanda Adichie (The Model Short Story)

Renata Adler (Interview)

Rumaan Alam (Fiction, The Literarian #12)

Kathleen Alcott (The Hidden Power in Each Perspective)

Raúl Ortega Alfonso (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #9)

Roberta Allen (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)

Roberta Allen (Fiction Slideshow, The Literarian #9)

Steve Almond (The Book Business, The Literarian #5)

Faouzia Aloui (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #6)

Hala Alyan (Author Picks)

Katherine Arnoldi (Appreciating Tillie Olsen, The Literarian #14)
Jami Attenberg (Shelf Life) 

Margaret Atwood (Interview, The Literarian #5)



Michelle Bailat-Jones (On First Lines)

Sybil Baker (Interview)

Charles Baxter (Interview)

Louis Begley (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #8)

Matt Bell (Author Picks)

Matt Bell (The One Book I'd Give As A Gift, The Literarian #11)

Jennifer Belle (Fiction, The Literarian #6)

Martine Bellen (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)
Helen Benedict (Writers on Writing)

Kate Bernheimer (Nonfiction, Why Fairy Tales Matter)

Kate Bernheimer (Author Picks)
Marie-Helene Bertino (Writing Do's and Don'ts)

Lynn Bey (Fiction, The Literarian #8)

Carmel Bird (Small Press Spotlight) 

Peter Blackstock (The Book Business)

Lawrence Block (Five Books to Read More Than Once)

Stefan Merrill Block (Writers on Writing: A Tightrope Walker's Guide to Writing)

Stefan Merrill Block (Interview)

Stefan Merrill Block (Writers on Writing: Curing What Ails You)

Stefan Merrill Block (Writers on Writing: For Shame!)

Stefan Merrill Block (The Book Business: Interview with Liese Mayer)

Stefan Merrill Block (Writers on Writing: On the Search for Great Fiction)

Will Boast (Fiction, The Literarian #5)

Tom Bradley (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)
John Brandon (Fiction, The Literarian #1)
Kevin Brockmeier (Author Picks)

Kevin Brockmeir (Nonfiction, Why Fairy Tales Matter)

Marina Budhos (Interviews)

Stan Burnett (Lines of Resistance: The Donald = The Silvio?)

Stan Burnett (Beyond Elstir)
Blake Butler (Fiction/Interview, The Literarian #2)

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum (Author Picks) 

Sarah Shun-lien Bynum (Nonfiction, Why Fairy Tales Matter)



Peter Cameron (Fiction, The Literarian #1)

Kevin Canty (Dispatch from Montana, The Literarian #4)

Lorenzo Carcaterra (Author Picks)

Claudia Casper (The Story of the Book: Writing to Destroy Memory)

Jessie Chaffee (Shelf Life)
Elysha Chang (Fiction, The Literarian #15) 

Dan Chaon (On Dorothy Canefield Fisher, The Literarian #9)

Andrea Chapin (Writers on Writing)
Alexander Chee (Research Your Life)

Alexander Chee (Why Fiction Matters) 

Libbie Chellew (Fiction, The Literarian #1)

Bill Cheng (Writers on Writing)

Alan Cheuse (Fiction, The Literarian #1)

Kim Chinquee (Fiction, The Literarian #11)

Kim Chinquee (Fiction, The Literarian #1)

Lucas Church (Fiction, The Literarian #6)
Jane Ciabattari (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)

Jane Ciabattari (Fiction, The Literarian #2)

Carmela Ciuraru (Author Picks)

Carmela Ciuraru (Interviews)

Richard Cohen (Author Picks)

Peter Constantine (Interview) 

Robert Coover (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #4)

Leopoldine Core (Fiction, The Literarian #6)

Stanley Crouch (Young Charlie Parker)

David Crouse (Fiction, The Literarian #5)

David Crouse (Fiction, The Literarian #10)



Alice Elliott Dark (Fiction, The Literarian #7)

Craig Davidson (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #14)

Katharine Davis (The Writers' Group Manifesto)

Rene Denfeld (Interview)

Diane DeSanders (Fiction, The Literarian #6)

Junot Diaz (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #10)

Debra Di Blasi (Fiction, The Literarian #12)

Roddy Doyle ( The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #5)

Erika Dreifus (Writers on Writing)

Anna Dunn (Lines of Resistance)
Stuart Dybek (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)

Stuart Dybek (Fiction, The Literarian #1)



Pamela Erens (Craft Post)

Brian Evenson (Small Press Spotlight)



Lyndsay Faye (Interview)

Linda Fairstein (Interview)

Alessandra Farkas (Interview, The Literarian #1)

Julia Fierro (Interview)

David Finkel (Nonfiction, The Chilling Aftermath of War)

Boris Fishman (On Bernard Malamud, Nonfiction)

Richard Ford (The Model Short Story)

Richard Ford (Interview with Joyce Carol Oates)

Ben Fountain (Interview, The Literarian #11)

Bonnie Friedman (Writers on Writing)



Lucas Gabriel (Five Pack) 

Elizabeth Gaffney (Writers on Writing)

Mavis Gallant (The Model Short Story: Florida)

Petina Gappah (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #12)

Cristina Garcia (The One Book I'd Give As A Gift, The Literarian #11)

Scott Garson (Fiction, The Literarian #4)

William Gass (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #12)

Roxane Gay (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)

Roxane Gay (Fiction, The Literarian #4)

Alison Gaylin (Writers on Writing)

Alison Gaylin (Writers on Writing: Keeping up the Pace)

Joshua Gaylord (Author Picks)

Merrill Joan Gerber (Fiction, The Literarian #3)

Greg Gerke (Learning from Lish, The Literarian #14)

Amitav Ghosh (Author Picks: Some Favorite Works of Modern Arabic Literature)
Dagoberto Gilb (Fiction, The Literarian #5)
Sandra M. Gilbert (Author Picks, The Literarian #3)
Sandra M. Gilbert (Interview)

Robert Glick (Fiction)
Douglas Glover (Fiction, The Literarian #7)

Francisco Goldman (Interview, The Literarian #3)

David Gordon (Writers on Writing)

Edmund Gordon (Interviews)

Kaitlyn Greenidge (The Story of the Book)

Andrew Gross (Author Picks) 

Edith Grossman (A tribute to the translator)



Jennifer Haigh (Author Picks) 

Tina May Hall (Small Press Spotlight)

James Hannaham (The Book That Made Me a Reader)

Nicole Haroutunian (Fiction, The Literarian #14)

Ghenwa Hayek (Translator, The Literarian #6)

Sheridan Hay (Moby-Dick and In the Heart of the Sea, Nonfiction)

Sheridan Hay (Book Review: Proust's Overcoat)

Suzanne Herman (Small Press Spotlight)

Christie Hinrichs (Fiction, The Literarian #13)

Brandon Hobson (Fiction, The Literarian #11)

Ann Hood (Fiction, The Literarian #3)
Ann Hood (Author Picks, The Literarian #15)
Marjorie Hudson (Fiction, The Literarian #2)

Marjorie Hudson (Nonfiction, Remembering Doris Betts)
Langston Hughes (Model Short Story)



Mikhail Iossel (Fiction, The Literarian #10)
Susan Isaacs (Author Picks, The Literarian #12) 



Mitchell S. Jackson (Why Fiction Matters)

Kristopher Jansma (The Model Short Story: Virginia Woolf's "An Unwritten Novel")

Kristopher Jansma (Writers on Writing) 

Ha Jin (Nonfiction: On Literature And Evil, The Literarian #8)

Dana Johnson (The Model Short Story)

Tayari Jones (Author Picks)

Heidi Julavits (Interview, The Literarian #8) 



Boris Kachka (Interview)

Don Katz (The Book Business: Interview, The Literarian #9) 

Maura Kelly (Interview with Sandra M. Gilbert)

Josh Kendall (Author Picks)

Roy Kesey (Fiction, The Literarian #8)

Mimi Khúc (Interview)

Michael Kimball (Interview)
Owen King (Interview) 

Stephen King (The Book that Made me a Reader)

Maya Klein (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #10)

Christina Baker Kline (The Book That Made Me a Reader)

Christina Baker Kline (Craft Post)

Sheila Kohler (Author Picks, The Literarian #10)
Sheila Kohler (Finding Your Material) 

Sheila Kohler (Silenced Voices)

Dean Koontz (Author Picks, The Literarian #6)

Richard Kostelanetz (Fiction, The Literarian #2)

Len Kuntz (Fiction, The Literarian #4)



Camilla Lackberg (Interview)

Anne Landsman (Lines of Resistance: A Week after 11/9)

Anne Landsman (Reading Proust)

Peter LaSalle (Small Press Spotlight)
Victor LaValle (Writers on Writing: One Thing I Never Learned In Workshop)
Caroline Leavitt (Writers on Writing: Getting Unstuck)

Caroline Leavitt (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)

Caroline Leavitt (Writers on Writing: Facing the "You're a Failure" Voice) 

Caroline Leavitt (The Book Drop: The Indefatigable Caroline Leavitt)

Krys Lee (Why Fiction Matters)

Min Jin Lee (Writers on Writing) 

Fred Leebron (Fiction, The Literarian #11)

Joan Leegant (Small Press Spotlight)

Joan Leegant (Fiction, The Literarian #8)

Caleb Leisure (Fiction, The Literarian #8)

Alex Leslie (Small Pres Spotlight, The Literarian #4)

Suzanne Jill Levine (Translator, The Literarian #12)
Yiyun Li (Interview, The Literarian #1)

Alan Lightman (Author Picks, The Literarian #7)

Torgny Lindgren (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #5)

Sam Lipsyte (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #13)

Robert Lopez (Fiction, The Literarian #13)

Sterling Lord (Interview, The Literarian #12)

Sassafras Lowrey (Author Picks)

Jason Lucarelli (Learning from Lish, The Literarian #14)
William Lychack (Fiction, The Literarian #2)



Fiona Maazel (Craft Post)

Fiona Maazel (The Story of the Book)

John Madera (On Art That Inspires Writing, The Literarian #10)

Thomas Mallon (Author Picks, The Literarian #8)

Iris Mahan (Interview with Sybil Baker)

Ben Marcus (The Person Who Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #7)

Elizabeth Marro (Author Picks)

Clancy Martin (The Book Business)
Manuel Martinez (Fiction, The Literarian #1)

Alice Mattison (An interview by Sarai Walker)

Gordon McAlpine (Shelf Life)

Gavin McCrea (Five Books That Help Us Rethink History)

Celia McGee (Junior Edition column)

Elizabeth McKenzie (The Book That Made Me a Reader)

Sophie McManus (Shelf Life)
Martha McPhee (Author Picks)

Daniel Menaker (Interivew)
Stefan Merrill Block (For Shame!)
Stefan Merrill Block (On the Search for Great Fiction) 

Jen Michalski (Fiction, The Literarian #10)

Jon Michaud (The Book Drop)

Elizabeth Mikesch (Fiction, The Literarian #3)

Madeline Miller (Author Picks, The Literarian #11)

Kyle Minor (Fiction)

Rick Moody (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #3)

Kate Mooney (Fiction, The Literarian #14)

Kate Morris (Nonfiction, Remembering Barney Rosset)
Mary Morris (Fiction, The Literarian #15) 

Lizy Mostowski (Fiction, The Literarian #12)

Iris Moulton (Fiction, The Literarian #10)

Greg Mulcahy (Fiction, The Literarian #9)

Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint (Fiction, The Literarian #9)



Bonnie Nadzam (The Book That Made Me a Reader)

Bonnie Nadzam (Interview, The Literarian #7)

Dina Nayeri (The Book That Made Me a Reader)

Dina Nayeri (On Writing Space) 

Luis Negrón (Fiction, The Literarian #12)

Luis Negrón (interview by Matt Nelson)

Matt Nelson (Small Press Spotlight: Big World)

Matt Nelson (Small Press Spotlight: Crapalachia) 

Leigh Newman (Fiction, The Literarian #6)

Viet Thanh Nguyen (Interview)
Anna North (Shelf Life) 

Sandra Novack (Fiction, The Literarian #5)

Josip Novakovich (Small Press Spotlight)

Idra Novey (Fiction)

Elizabeth Nunez (The Book That Made Me a Reader)

Sigrid Nunez (Fiction, The Literarian #11)



Joyce Carol Oates (Interview with Richard Ford)

Barbara O'Dair (Fiction, The Literarian #4)

Maggie O'Farrell (What Else Would a Young Film Star Wear?)

Malka Older (The Story of the Book: Our Other Futures)

Tracy O'Neill (Fiction, The Literarian #5)

Tracy O'Neill (Writers on Writing: Notes on Dialogue)

Tracy O'Neill (Writers on Writing: When Logic Met Fiction)

Susan Orlean (Interview, The Literarian #6)

Raúl Ortega Alfonso (The Literarian, #9)

Cynthia Ozick (Interview, The Literarian #1)



Ann Packer (The Red Bandana)

Dexter Palmer (Author Picks: Five Long Reads)

Sara Paretsky (The Book That Made Me a Reader)

Ed Park (Author Picks)

Ed Park (The Book Drop)

Ed Park (Author Picks)
Patricia Park (Writers on Writing: What a Nude Drawing Class Taught Me about POV) 

Patricia Park (Writers on Writing: Scenes & Summary)

Richard Peabody (Fiction, The Literarian #8)

Edith Pearlman (On Sylvia Townsend Warner, The Literarian #10)

Edith Pearlman (Inteview: On Inspirations and Accolades)

Jayne Anne Phillips (The One Book I'd Give As A Gift, The Literarian #11)

Tom Piazza (The One Book I'd Give As A Gift, The Literarian #11)
Tom Piazza (Nonfiction, The Literarian #15)

Tom Piazza (Why Fiction Matters) 
Marge Piercy (Fiction, The Literarian #15) 

Alake Pilgrim (Fiction, The Literarian #13)

Darryl Pinckney (Why Fiction Matters) 

Meg Pokrass (Fiction, The Literarian #9)

Meg Pokrass (Interview of Megan Abbott)

Richard Polt (The Book Drop)

Richard Polt (Author Picks)

Glen Pourciau (Fiction, The Literarian #7)

Glen Pourciau (Fiction, The Literarian #15)

Molly Prentiss (Writers on Writing)

Fracine Prose (The One Book I'd Give As A Gift, The Literarian #11)
Francine Prose (The Book That Made Me A Reader)

Vyacheslav Pyetsukh (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #1)


Q Jamie Quatro (Interview)



Vito Racanelli (Fiction, The Literarian #9)

Domnica Radulescu (Author Picks)

Undinė Radzevičiūtė (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #11)

Dawn Raffel (Writers on Writing: How to Get Out of the Slush Pile)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Renata Adler) 

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Steve Almond, The Literarian #5)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Margaret Atwood, The Literarian #5)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Carmela Ciuraru)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Francisco Goldman)

Dawn Raffel (The Book Business: Interview with Don Katz, The Literarian #9)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Michael Kimball)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Sterling Lord, The Literarian #12)

Dawn Raffel (Interview Daniel Menaker) 

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Edith Pearlman)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Susan Orlean)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Jamie Quatro)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with Lynne Sharon SchwartzThe Literarian #11)

Dawn Raffel (Interview with M.G. Vassanji)

Dawn Raffel (Writers on Writing: The Most Important Words)

Dawn Raffel (Writers on Writing: The Truth About Writer's Block)

Dawn Raffel (Nonfiction, A Quiet Giant)

Sigrid Rausing (The Book Business)

Victoria Redel (Fiction, The Literarian #14)

Victoria Redel (Fiction, The Literarian #7)

Deborah Reed (Fiction, The Literarian #6)

Daniel Reid (What Are You Drinking With That Book?)

Keith Ridgway (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #7)

Anne Boyd Rioux (The Model Short Story: Constance Fenimore Woolson's "Miss Grief")

Roxana Robinson (Lines of Resistance)

Roxana Robinson (Family Histories, Nonfiction)

Roxana Robinson (Author Picks)

Roxana Robinson (Huskies, Hackneys)

Roxana Robinson (Why Fiction Matters)

Roxana Robinson (Remembering John Updike, Nonfiction)

Roxana Robinson (On Alice Munro, Nonfiction)

Roxana Robinson (On Lydia Davis, Nonfiction)

Roxana Robinson (Do Women Write "Tosh"?, Nonfiction)

Roxana Robinson (In Praise of Edith Wharton, Nonfiction)

Roxana Robinson (In Response to Jonathan Franzen on Edith Wharton, Nonfiction)

Roxana Robinson (Remembering Robert Stone)

Roger Rosenblatt (Author Picks: Five Old Flames)

Barney Rosset (We Met Beckett at the Bar, Nonfiction)

Gabriel Roth (How to Read Like a Writer)
Gabriel Roth (How to Write a Novel: The Short Version) 

Philip Roth (The Book That Made Me a Reader, The Literarian #2)

Josephine Rowe (Small Press Spotlight, The Literarian #8)

Laura Joh Rowland (Shelf Life)

Anuradha Roy (The Book That Made Me a Reader)
Patrick Ryan (All the Pointers, None of the Intimidation)



Marcus Sakey (Author Picks)

Matthew Salesses (Fiction, The Literarian #3)

James Salter (Interview, The Literarian #13)

Charles Salzberg (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)
Kevin Sampsell (The Book Business)

Esmeralda Santiago (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #9)

George Saunders (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #11)

Mike Scalise (Writers on Writing)
Timothy Schaffert (Author Picks) 

Timothy Schaffert (Nonfiction, Why Fairytales Matter)

Elissa Schappell (Fiction, The Literarian #4)

Rebecca Schiff (Writers on Writing: How to Write a Sex Scene) 

Christine Schutt (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #4)

Christine Schutt (The Model Short Story)

Lynne Sharon Schwartz (Interview, The Literarian #11)

Dani Shapiro (On Procrastination)
Matthew Sharpe (On Langston Hughes)

Jim Shepard (The Book That Me a Reader)

Gary Shteyngart (The Book That Made Me A Reader)

Erica Sigvardsdotter (Translator, The Literarian #5)

Marisa Silver (Small Press Spotlgiht, The Literarian #4)

Dan Simon (Fiction, The Literarian #13)
Floyd Skloot (Fiction, The Literarian #7)

Leora Skolkin-Smith (Writers on Writing)

Jane Smiley (Why Fiction Matters)

Rob Magnuson Smith (Fiction, The Literarian #12)

Maya Sonenberg (Fiction, The Literarian #11)

Martha Southgate (The Book That Made Me a Reader)

Martha Southgate (Writers on Writing)
Gregory Spatz (Fiction, The Literarian #15)

Jason Starr (Writers on Writing)  

Krystyna Steiger (Translator, The Literarian #1)

Steve Stern (Interview)

Judy Sternlight (Writers on Writing) 

Judy Sternlight (Interview of Peter Constantine)

Darcy Stienke (Craft Post)

Peter Straub (Author Picks)

Terese Svoboda (Fiction, The Literarian #1)

Terese Svoboda (Fiction, The Literarian #10)
Terese Svoboda (Composing)

Terese Svoboda (Interview by Tracy Young)

Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney (Author Picks)
Duane Swierczynski (Tumbling Down a Hill in a House That is On Fire) 



Maria Tatar (Author Picks)

Maria Tatar (Nonfiction, Why Fairytales Matter)

Matthew Thomas (Interview)

Graham Thomson (Translator, The Literarian #9)

Bob Thurber (Fiction, The Literarian #9)

Meghan Tifft (Small Press Spotlight: The Long Fire)

Lynne Tillman (The Model Short Story)

Molly Tolsky (Writers on Writing)

Alissa Torres (Writers on Writing)

Emma Törzs (Fiction, The Literarian #13)

Dawn Tripp (Author Picks)
Sierra Troy-Regier (Small Press Spotlight) 

Lily Tuck (The Model Short Story)

Lily Tuck (Shelf Life)

Frederic Tuten (Author Picks: Writers On Artists, The Literarian #10)
Frederic Tuten (Fiction, The Literarian #1)

Frederic Tuten (Remembering Oscar Hijuelos, Nonfiction)



David L. Ulin (Interview)

Deb Olin Unferth (The Model Short Story)



Ada Valaitis (Translation, The Literarian #11)

Catherynne M. Valente (Fiction)

Laura van den Berg (Writers on Writing: Inventing Time) 

M.G. Vassanji (Interview)

Teri Vlassopoulos (Small Press Spotlight)

Patricia Volk (The One Book I'd Give As A Gift, The Literarian #11)



Mark Wagstaff (Small Press Spotlight)

Kate Walbert (Author Picks: Five Books on the Mixed Blessings of Nostalgia)

Sarai Walker (An interview of Alice Mattison)
James Warner (Fiction, The Literarian #15) 

Sylvia Townsend Warner (The Model Short Story, The Literarian #10)

Teddy Wayne (Tips for Writing Dialogue)

Josh Weil (Interview)

Josh Weil (Model Short Story)

Ian Wild (Small Press Spotlight)

Robley Wilson (Fiction, The Literarian #2)
Robley Wilson (Fiction, The Literarian #14)

Robley Wilson (Interview)

Rudy Wilson (Fiction, The Literarian #14)

Max Winter (The Story of the Book)

David Winters (Learning from Lish, The Literarian #14)

Alyssa Wong (Shelf Life)

Daniel Woodrell (Author Picks)

David Wroblewski (The Book That Made Me A Reader, The Literarian #6)

John Wray (Interview, The Literarian #8)

John Wray (The One Book I'd Give As A Gift, The Literarian #11)
John Wray
(Why Tried and True Advice Can Doom You) 

Margaret Wrinkle (Interview, The Literarian #15)






Tiphanie Yanique (Interview)

Sunil Yapa (Shelf Life) 

Tracy Young (Interview of Terese Svoboda)



Alejandro Zambra (Interview, The Literarian #12)

Barrie Zipkin (Reading the Big Books)
Courtney Zoffness (On De-Purpling Your Prose) 



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