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Monkey Brains | Elysha Chang

"'Look, this is how a heart works. The right atrium receives blood from the legs and arms and pours it into the right ventricle. The right ventricle....'"


I Don't Know, Stop Asking Me Math Questions James Warner

"“Did you feel that?” my daughter asked. The table at which we sat playing chess was shaking as if covered with cell phones set to vibrate..."


She's Dying, He Said Marge Piercy

"I was what was then called a tomboy until halfway through my seventh year. I had always played with neighboring boys. I had little interest in school—being just average and paying little attention. Then I caught the German measles...."



Why Fiction Matters
Great Fiction is a Force for Peace
by Roxana Robinson

As part of our ongoing series of essays on "Why Fiction Matters," acclaimed author Roxana Robinson shows how fiction can teach empathy, preserve the past, and cultivate a peaceful future. 

These essays were commissioned by The Center as part of our Fiction Futures project intended to engage ​readers and writers in a discussion​ of the importance of fiction in contemporary life.

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From Our Friends on the Web

Canis Major | Geneviève Mathis 

published in Gone Lawn


From our first group of NYC Emerging Writer Fellows comes this story from issue 19 of Gone Lawn. Enjoy! 


"There's a hole in my heart where the wind whistles through. It wakes me sometimes and sleep becomes impossible. I climb to the roof to wait for the sun to turn up."