Post-Election Reading

In the wake of the election, we've all had to recalibrate our thinking. In these essays three of our favorite contributors: Roxana Robinson, Stan Burnett, and Anne Landsman weigh in on our new president-elect. 


Morning After

by Roxana Robinson

The Donald =
The Silvio?

by Dr. Stan Burnett

A Week After 11/9

by Anne Landsman



From the latest Scandinavian thriller to Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels, fiction in translation has seen an upsurge in interest from the reading public. Here translator, editor, and director of the Literary Translation Program at the University of Connecticut, Peter Constantine talks to editor Judy Sternlight about this burgeoning art form. 


"I too started translating almost by mistake. When I was in my 20s a Dutch friend had just published his first short story collection in the Netherlands. I had just written a book on Japanese slang, which perhaps was not the most obvious credential for becoming a Dutch translator; but I knew right away as I started translating his story that translation was going to be my vocation.READ




The Other Stories

The Center is pleased to let you know about a fantastic new podcast, The Other Stories. It's a podcast for new, emerging, and struggling writers. Each episode features a work of fiction read by the author set to an originallly composed soundtrack. Following the reading, host Ilana Masad interviews the writers about their fiction, their work, and their writing lives. 


Check out their new episode featuring Ron Geigle and his reading of the opening chapters of The Woods.


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