We know finding that next great read isn't easy, so we've been working hard at the Center to help you find the perfect book just for you! 


Over at our Book Recommendations page you can find lists of interesting and entertaining reads for your book club or for your own reading pleasure. 


Our new Author Picks section features recommendations from some of your favorite writers whether you're a mystery fan or you love historical fiction or you want to read about women behaving badly! 


Our Small Press Spotlight section features reviews, and excerpts from some under the radar titles. 


Junior Edition features reviews by book critic and arts writer Celia McGee guaranteed to get younger readers (or those young at heart) turning the pages.


Or if you're in New York City, we hope you'll stop by our bookstore or library where you can pick up a copy of the latest novel or a familiar classic. 


And if you're looking for a personal reading list we hope you'll consider a little bibliotherapy with our Novel Approach program. 


We hope we've made it fun and a little easier to find your next favorite book!



A Novel Approach


At a crossroads? Getting married or having an affair, moving abroad, changing jobs or having a child? Get insight from great literature on life’s big moments. The Center for Fiction will handcraft a year’s worth of reading for you or your loved one based on a 45-minute personal consultation (in person or over the phone). And even if you don’t plan on having a big year, we can still help select books that will be perfect for wherever you are right now!


For more on bibliotherapy or to schedule a session, please CLICK HERE


The Book Drop: 

The Wild Imagination of Harry Stephen Keeler

by Jon Michaud


This Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of prolific mystery and sci-fi writer Harry Stephen Keeler's death. In this month's Book Drop, our head librarian Jon Michaud talks about Keeler’s work and legacy with writer and editor (and Keeler fan) Ed Park and Richard Polt, professor of philosophy at Xavier University and head of the Harry Stephen Keeler Society. READ


And as a bonus we asked Ed Park and Richard Polt to write about their favorite Keeler books. READ THEIR LIST 

In Poe's Shadow 

by Peter Straub


In honor of Edgar Allan Poe's birthday on January 19th we asked master horror writer Peter Straub (and editor of the anthology Poe's Children: The New Horror) to share five authors who he sees as the heirs to Poe's writing. Poe himself used to write at the Center at our location near Beekman and Nassau (we've been helping writers for a looooooong time!) and if you'd like to read a Poe classic head over to our fiction section to read "The Black Cat". 



Lines of Resistance: Stronger by Way of Breaking

or How to Handle the Failed Election

by Anna Dunn


In the wake of the election, we felt the need to reach beyond fiction to process the new reality that blindsided so many voters. On November 9th we opened our doors and talked with our community and out of these discussions came the idea for our new series of essays, Lines of Resistance, which gives writers a forum to express their thoughts. We are eager to present all points of views and foster lively discussion and thoughtful responses. This essay is by Anna Dunn, a writer who first came to the Center through our Crime Fiction Academy. We hope you'll find her words as moving as we did. READ

Sign Up for a Reading Group! 

Readers, rejoice! Our spring reading groups are here! This season, you can read long (Thackeray’s Vanity Fair) or short (Henry James’s stories). You can experience the wonders of Postmodern Fiction and the menace of Literary Crime Novels. You can virtually visit Italy or step into Knausgaard's "My Struggle" led by five fantastic novelists. You can even channel your teenage-self with our Young Adult Literature course. Or read one of those classics you were supposed to read as a teen! 


There's plenty to pique everyone's interest so check out our full lineup today! 


see our reading groups 

JUNIOR EDITION: New Fiction for Younger Readers #33

by Celia McGee


This month's JUNIOR EDITION: New Fiction for Younger Readers is here, featuring the best kids' fiction out there. Writer, editor, and Center for Fiction board member Celia McGee covers four great titles for December. The Bear Who Wasn’t There and the Fabulous Forest, a collaboration between Israeli musician Oren Lavie and German illustrator Wolf Erlbruch, takes children on an existential journey. Elise Broach's The Wolf Keepers follows two special preteens on an animal adventure. Projekt 1065 by Alan Gratz takes the spy thriller and adapts it for middle-grade readers while imparting important lessons from WWII. And bestseller Nicola Yoon is back with the romantic The Sun Is Also a Star. We hope you'll find something for all the special kids in your life, and that you'll be inspired to pick up one of these books for yourself! READ

What Does It Mean to Be an American? 


Feeling a bit lost after the election? Fiction has come to the rescue! Our bookshop window, curated by our library assistant Kris Santos, displays a collection of fiction that reminds us of the true American identity—a melting pot of cultures, races, belief systems, sexual orientations, and more.


Click through to read about Kris's process in selecting these fantastic books and to see the list. It includes classics like Alice Walker’s The Color Purple and the latest hits like Colson Whitehead's The Underground Railroad (winner of the 2016 National Book Award.) We hope you'll stop by the Center to pick one of these up!  READ