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About KidsRead

Each year, KidsRead invites over 400 New York City public school students to The Center for Fiction to meet the YA and literary fiction writers they have been reading in class. Our goal is to help students gain not only proficiency but a passion for books, and our method is personalization of the reading experience: exposing children at an age where they are particularly responsive to role models; working with teachers and school administrators to develop dicussion questions and incorporate KidsRead writers into the curriculum, and providing students with books by these authors, both for their school libraries and the students to keep. We keep the events small, with a maximum of 60-80 students, so that all kids have time to ask questions, get their book signed, and have a personal interaction with the writer. 



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About Books for NYC Schools

Through Books for NYC Schools, we reach out to schools-in-need in the five boroughs and implement book drives to help supply books to public school libraries and classes, and to youth organizations in the city. As a result of conducting regular outreach to a list of over 600 public schools in the five boroughs, we now have 75 schools and organizations signed on to the program, and that list grows each month. Our donations include everything from picture books for beginning readers to literary fiction for high-schoolers. When the program began in 2010, we gathered 5,000 books for school libraries, classes and youth organizations in the city. In 2011, we built the program to gather 20,000 books and in 2012, 35,000. In addition to sending groups of donated books to each school for their library, we also work directly with the schools to get class “wish lists” from teachers. When schools have particular requests not met by the books donated, we try to fulfill these school-specific needs through partnerships with publishers and generous individuals. 


Want to help? You can bring new or gently-used books appropriate to grades K-12 to The Center or you can make a tax-deductible donation. Click here to find out more.


Are you a publisher? We welcome donations of single copies for school libraries or multiple copies of titles for class curricula. And remember that high school students are reading classics and literary fiction, so many of your adult titles are perfect for students in grades 9-12.


Are you an educator? Check out this information for teachers, librarians, and other educational professionals interested in receiving book donations or bringing a class to a free KidsRead event. LEARN MORE

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Junior Edition: New Fiction for Younger Readers

Check out our monthly review column, by book critic and arts writer Celia McGee. Celia searches recent releases to bring you the best kids' fiction out there. We hope Celia's terrific choices help get kids reading, and help create the next generation of readers and writers! READ NOW 


This month's column features: 









Check out the schools already involved in our KidsRead/Books for NYC Schools Program.




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