Past Seasons



August 23, 6pm

Under the Sun: Chiara Barzini & Christopher Bollen with Frederic Tuten



Sept. 13, 7pm



Teenage Kicks: Daniel Handler and Emma Straub



Sept. 14, 7pm


At Home in the World: On Writing, Immigration, and Belonging with  Rumaan Alam, Nicole Dennis-Benn, Garnette Cadogan, Rigoberto Gonzalez, and Porochista Khakpour with moderator Walton Muyumba 



Sept. 17, 1pm



BBF: Structures of Power: Politics, Science Fiction, and Fantasy with N. K. Jemisin, Eugene Lim, Malka Older, Deji Bryce Olukotun, and moderator Rosie Clarke 



Oct. 3, 7pm



American Dreaming: Scott Spencer and Jonathan Dee with Kerri Arsenault


Oct. 4, 7pm


Illuminated Lives: Josh Weil and Mike Harvkey


Oct. 5, 7pm

Intimacy and War: Anuk Arudpragasam and Leslie Jamison



Oct. 11, 7pm

CFA: The Literary Spy Novel with Paul Vidich and Joseph Kanon


Oct. 16, 7pm


Syntax/Synapse: "How We Create" With Meghan Meyer, Lydia Millet, and Jeffery Renard Allen


Oct. 18, 7pm

An Evening with the 2017 NYC Emerging Writers Fellows


Oct. 19, 7pm


Uncanny Bodies: Carmen Maria Machado and Tony Tulathimutte


Oct. 24, 7:30pm



Syntax/Synapse: “How We See” with Joyce Carol Oates and Charles Gross


Oct. 25, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Colin Harrison with editor Sarah Crichton



Oct. 26, 7pm

The Gift with Barbara Browning



Oct. 27, 7pm

Ferocity: Nicola Lagioia and Michael Reynolds


Nov. 1, 7pm



Open in Emergency: Asian American Mental Health with Tanwi Nandini Islam, Wo Chan & Mimi Khúc


Nov. 8, 7pm

Syntax/Synapse: "How We Love" with Garth Greenwell and Dr. Lucy L. Brown



Nov. 9, 7pm

Inheriting the War: Laren McClung, lê thi diem thúy, Nick Flynn & Heinz Insu Fenkl


Nov. 13, 7pm

Life During Wartime: David Abrams, Helen Benedict, Cara Hoffman, Matt Gallagher & Dalia Sofer


Nov. 16, 7pm

Regarding Sontag: Benjamin Taylor, David Gates, Sigrid Nunez & Honor Moore 


Nov. 27, 7pm

Syntax/Synapse: "How We Inherit" with Adam Haslett and Rebecca Brachman


Dec. 4

The First Novel Fête



Dec. 5




Annual Benefit & Awards Dinner 
Dec. 7, 7pm

CFA Masterclass: Caleb Carr


Dec. 11, 7pm Syntax/Synapse: "How We Experience" with Zia Haider Rahman, Mark de Silva, and Erik Hoel



Jan. 17, 7pm

Cervantes: The Man Who Invented Fiction with William Egginton, Edith Grossman, Natasha Wimmer, and Alvaro Enrigue



Jan. 31, 7pm



Love and War: Elliot Ackerman and Phil Klay



Feb. 1, 7pm


The Brand New Catastrophe: Mike Scalise and Alexandra Kleeman



Feb. 2, 7pm



An Evening with the Author: Rachel Cusk



Feb. 7, 7pm



CFA Master Class: Ian Rankin


Feb. 9, 3pm




AWP in Washington D.C.: Distinguished Editors with Nan Graham, Erroll McDonald, and Chris Jackson


Feb. 10, 3pm

AWP in Washington D.C.: Ann Patchett and Emma Straub in Conversation



Feb. 16, 7pm


Intersections of Art and Life with Dawn Tripp, Roxana Robinson & Donna Seaman


Feb. 21, 7pm

History and Identity: Kaitlyn Greenidge and Bill Cheng



Feb. 22, 7pm


Victor Vazquez aka Kool A.D.: O.K.: A Novel


Feb. 28, 7pm

What Editors Want: Writing for the Web


Mar. 1, 7pm


On Obsession: Belinda KcKeon and Lisa Carey


Mar. 2, 7pm



This is Not a Novel with Laurie Sheck, David Shields, Shelley Jackson, Wayne Koestenbaum, and Lucy Ives


Mar. 15, 7pm

Sarah Manguso interviewed by Lorin Stein



Mar. 16, 7pm

Women in Crime Fiction II with Susan Isaacs, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Lisa Lutz, Laura Joh Rowland, and SJ Rozan



Mar. 21, 7pm



The Meaning of Memoir with Peter Selgin, Sheila Kohler, Dawn Raffel



Mar. 22, 7pm

Agents and Agency: Building a Writing Career


Mar. 23, 7pm

H.P. Lovecraft: Past, Present, and Future with Paul La Farge, Victor LaValle, Ellen Datlow, W. Scott Poole, and Rosie Clarke


Mar. 28, 7:30pm

Music & Literature Five-Year Anniversary 


Apr. 5, 7pm


Engaging the Past: Christina Baker Kline and Amor Towles


Apr. 6, 7pm

Grace Paley: A Celebration with Hilma Wolitzer, Joan Silber, Victoria Redel and A. M. Homes 



April 11, 7pm




Jonathan Blow on Italo Calvino
Apr. 12, 7pm

Fiction That Matters: The Story of Social Engagement with Edie Meidav, Dana Johnson, and Sunil Yapa



Apr. 13, 7pm

Darkly Comic: Fiona Maazel and Heidi Julavits


Apr. 18, 7pm

Family Frictions: Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney and Jami Attenberg


Apr. 19, 7pm


The Writers Wallet: Managing Your Freelance Finances


April 28, 7pm

Granta Magazine’s 2017 “Best of Young American Novelists” Contributor Readings


May 2, 7pm



CFA Master Class: Caleb Carr


May 3, 7pm


Dislocations: Hala Alyan and Lauren Wein


May 4, 7pm 

PEN World Voices: Viet Thanh Nguyen and Chinelo Okparanta


May 9, 7pm

Tom McCarthy and Lynne Tillman on Kathy Acker


May 10, 7pm

Inscribing Grief: Martha Cooley, Charles Bock, Max Winter and Mira Jacob


May 17, 7pm

Emerging Writers Fellows Reading


May 18, 7pm

Person Place Thing: Jim Shepard & Joshua Ferris 


May 31, 7pm

Writing Cities: Jessie Chaffee, Kristopher Jansma, and Garnette Cadogan


June 1, 4pm

Beyond the Buzz: Finding Hidden Gems, from Small Press Books to Translations and More


FALL 2016

September 14, 7pm

In Conversation: Anuradha Roy and Rumaan Alam

September 15, 7pm



NBCC: Expanding the World of Literary Criticism 

September 18, 5pm


BBF: Gender in Science Fiction and Fantasy with Catherynne M. Valente, Seth Dickinson, Alyssa Wong, and Alice Sola Kim



September 20, 7pm

In Conversation: Jonas Hassen Khemiri and Idra Novey

September 27, 7pm

CFA—Women in Crime Fiction with Megan Abbott, Laura Lippman, Alison Gaylin and Alafair Burke

October 4, 7pm

In Conversation: Caroline Leavitt and Rick Moody

October 11, 7:30pm

Notes on Fiction: loadbang



October 13, 7pm

Concentrating on Craft: Matt Bell and Annie DeWitt


October 18, 7pm


CFA Master Class: Andrew Gross

October 20, 7pm



Dear Mr. Beckett, honoring Barney Rosset with Paul Aster, Lois Oppenheim, Glenn Young, Astrid Myers-Rosset, and Robert Solomon, Esq.

October 24, 6-8pm

The opening of Fair Dancin' Mad: A Scottish Town's Ten-Year Fight with Donald Trump, a special exhibition with photographs by Beowulf Sheehan and words by Rebecca Donner 

October 25, 7pm

Sexism in the Literary World with Bonnie Nadzam, Porochista Khakpour, Kavita Das, and Amy King

October 26, 7pm

An Evening with the 2016 Emerging Writer Fellows

November 7, 7pm

In Conversation: Lynne Tillman and Eileen Myles


November 10, 7pm 

In Conversation: Richard Cohen and Ruth Reichl

November 16, 7pm


CFA Master Class: Otto Penzler


November 17, 7pm

Going Against the Grain: Claudia Casper and John Colapinto


December 1, 7pm

The Modern Family with Min Jin Lee, Tanwi Nandini Islam, Alden Jones, and Sonya Chung



December 4, 7pm

Jonathan Lethem on Italo Calvino

December 5, 6:30pm

First Novel Fete

December 6, 6:30pm

Annual Awards Dinner


December 8, 6pm

New Literature from Europe Festival 2016: Writing to Change Hearts and Minds



December 8, 7:30pm


New Literature from Europe Festival 2016: Coming of Age


December 14, 7pm

In Conversation: Dana Spiotta and George Saunders



December 15, 7pm

In Conversation: Richard Price and Lorraine Adams




January 19, 7pm

James Hannaham: Delicious Foods



January 21, 7pm



In Conversation: Roger Rosenblatt and Paul Muldoon


January 26, 7pm


In Conversation: Gordon McAlpine and Joseph Goodrich



Feb. 11, 7:30pm



Notes On Fiction: The Borrowers

February 16, 7pm

The Bridge Series: Breaking In


February 23, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Richard Price



February 24, 7pm

In Conversation: Dexter Palmer & Felix Gilman

March 1, 7pm

Kristopher Jansma: Why We Came to the City


March 9, 7pm


CFA Master Class: Lee Child

March 15, 7pm



The Bridge Series: Editing
March 22, 7pm

SJ Rozan, Jonathan Santlofer, Honor Molloy and Joseph Goodrich: 4 Storytellers/4 Friends 



March 24, 7pm



In Conversation: Anne Boyd Rioux and Sheridan Hay on Constance Fenimore Woolson



April 1, 1:30pm

AWP: Jonathan Franzen and Elizabeth McKenzie



April 5, 7pm

In Conversation: Ann Packer and Elizabeth Strout


April 7, 7pm

Fact & Fiction: Gentrification
a Big Read panel with Angela Flournoy, DW Gibson, Suleiman Osman, and Sunil Yapa, and moderater, Jon Michaud 


April 12, 7pm 

Author & Publisher: Domnica Radulescu and Deb Futter


April 14, 7pm


Elizabeth Nunez: Even in Paradise


April 19, 7pm

The Bridge Series: Contracts



April 21, 7pm

In Conversation: Idra Novey, Rivka Galchen, and Francisco Goldman



April 26, 7pm

No Tokens Issue 5: Launch Celebration

April 27, 7pm


CFA Master Class: Sara Paretsky

May 2, 7:30pm

The Merchant 'In' Venice


May 3, 7pm

In Conversation: Amara Lakhous and Adam Shatz



May 4, 7pm


Granta: New Irish Writing
May 10, 7pm

2015 Emerging Writer Fellows Reading



May 11, 7pm

In Conversation: Jennifer Haigh and Richard Price

May 17, 7pm

The Bridge Series: Bookselling


May 26, 7pm

The White Review Issue 16 Launch



June 8, 7pm

Jean Findlay: Chasing Lost Time




September 20, 12pm

Brooklyn Book Festival: Why Fiction Matters with Alexander Chee, Mitchell S. Jackson, Roxana Robinson and Tiphanie Yanique



September 22, 7pm



Tom Piazza with Jon Michaud


September 29, 7pm


In Conversation: Kate Walbert and Lily Tuck



September 30, 7pm



CFA Master Class: Lawrence Block
October 6, 7pm

New Irish Writing: Eimear McBride



October 7, 7pm

Author & Editor: Thomas Mallon and Dan Frank



October 8, 7pm



Amitav Ghosh, Elias Khoury, and Sinan Antoon

October 13, 7pm



CFA Master Class: Zoë Sharp

October 14, 7pm



2015 NYC Emerging Writers Fellows Reading

October 15, 7pm



CFA Master Class: Amy Hempel and Jill Ciment

October 20, 7pm

Imagined Biographies: Gavin McCrea and Therese Anne Fowler



October 21, 7pm

A Celebration of Primo Levi: Paola Mieli and Joan Acocella



October 22, 7pm



In Conversation: Rupert Thomson and Rebecca Carroll

October 27, 7pm



In Conversation: Jill Bialosky and Bill Clegg
November 3, 7pm

In Conversation: Owen Sheers and Matthew Thomas



November 5, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Joseph Finder



November 6, 6:30pm

New Literature from Europe Festival: The Calling: Writing with Responsibility



November 6, 8pm

New Literature from Europe Festival: A Funny Thing About Writing...



November 10, 7pm



Towards the Sea: A Notes on Fiction Concert Inspired by Moby-Dick 



November 12, 7pm

On Elena Ferrante: Jhumpa Lahiri and Ann Goldstein



November 16, 7pm

Writing the Past: Jami Attenberg and B. A. Shapiro



November 17, 7pm

Writing the Self: Heidi Julavits, Maggie Nelson, and Sarah Manguso



November 19, 7pm



Writing Place: Bonnie Jo Campbell and Carolyn Chute

December 1, 7pm

In Conversation: Benjamin Taylor and Claudia Roth Pierpont



December 4, 7pm



Extraordinary Rendition: American Writers on Palestine 
December 7, 6:30pm

First Novel Fête


December 8, 6:30pm

The Center for Fiction Annual Benefit and Awards Dinner



December 10, 7pm



A Crime Fiction Slam
December 15, 7:30 pm Notes on Fiction: The Strange Library




February 19, 7pm

In Conversation: Amanda Filipacchi and Katherine Heiny



February 24, 7pm



In Conversation: Andrea Chapin and James Shapiro


February 25, 7pm


Charles Baxter: There's Something I Want You to Do



March 3, 7pm



CFA: Duane Swierczynski
March 18, 7pm

Jill Ciment: Act of God



March 19, 7pm

Fact & Fiction: Carola Dibbell and Robert Christgau


April 3, 7pm


In Conversation: Tom McCarthy and Ben Marcus

April 7, 7pm


In Translation: Time Ages in a Hurry by Antonio Tabucchi

April 9, 7pm



In Conversation: Louis Begley and Jane Kramer

April 28, 7pm



Mary Morris, Christina Baker Kline, and Valerie Martin

April 29, 11am

KidsRead Event: Changers Book One: Drew by T. Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper



April 29, 7pm

Brian Catling: The Vorrh



April 30, 7pm


Jaime Clarke and Amy Grace Loyd
May 5, 11am

KidsRead Event: Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson



May 5, 7pm

NOON: A Celebration



May 6, 7pm

Eliza Kennedy: I Take You



May 15, 7pm

The Art of the Short Story


May 18, 7:30pm



Notes on Fiction: Heart of Darkness

May 20, 7pm

No Tokens Issue 3 Launch


May 21, 7pm

Emerging Writers Reading



May 26, 7pm

Author & Editor: Patricia Park and Pamela Dorman

May 27, 2pm



NBCC Panel: "Race, Gender, and Book Reviews"

May 27, 11am


KidsRead Event: Ava & Taco Cat by Carol Weston

May 29, 7pm



A Perfect Crime with John Freeman and A Yi

June 4, 7pm

Tracy O'Neill and Marie-Helene Bertino



June 9, 7:30pm

Notes on Fiction: The Mysteries of Pittsburgh


June 10, 11am

KidsRead Event: The Lunch Witch by Deb Lucke


June 10, 7pm



In Conversation: Mecca Jamilah Sullivan & Tiphanie Yanique
June 18, 7pm

Anna North, Sarah Heyward, and Carolita Johnson



June 23, 7pm



Paulette Livers, Dylan Landis, and Rebecca Makkai
June 24, 7pm

Author & Editor: Mia Alvar and Lexy Bloom



June 25, 8pm

Sleepless Nights: The Music of Daniel Felsenfeld



July 22, 7pm

Lidia Yuknavitch and Porochista Khakpour




September 13, 6pm

Lit Crawl: Mitchell Jackson, Porochista Khakpour, Gabriel Roth and Elissa Schappell



September 16, 7pm



On Elena Ferrante: Ann Goldstein, Roxana Robinson and Stacey D'Erasmo 


September 17, 7pm


Fiction Futures: David Ryan & Rick Moody



September 18, 7pm

Fiction Futures: Rene Steinke & Bret Anthony Johnston



September 21, 4pm

Brooklyn Book Festival: Science Fiction/Fantasy Panel



September 25, 7pm


Notes on Fiction: Marie-Helene Bertino

September 30, 7pm

Fiction Futures: Anita Shreve & Katy Simpson Smith



October 1, 7pm

Fiction Futures: Damon Galgut and Edmund White



October 2, 8pm


Big Read: A.N. Devers Talks Poe at The Morbid Anatomy Museum

October 7, 7pm


Big Read: Panel on Poe's Children 

October 7, 7pm


Big Read: Writing Gothic - A Lively Discussion of the Macabre

October 8, 7pm

In Conversation: Alix Christie & Sena Jeter Naslund



October 8, 11am

KidsRead: ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley



October 14, 7pm



CFA: Christian Jungersen & Megan Abbott



October 15, 7pm



Fiction Futures: 2014 NYC Emerging Writers Fellows


October 16, 7pm


An Evening with Trollope


October 18, 1pm


Big Read: Ghost Tour at Edgar Allan Poe Cottage

October 20, 10:30am



KidsRead: The Tell-Tale Start by Gordon McAlpine


October 23, 7:30pm

Big Read: Edgar Allan Poe Notes on Fiction Concert



October 29, 7pm



The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

October 30, 7:30pm



Big Read: Paul Collins on the Life of Edgar Allan Poe


October 30, 11am


KidsRead: Same Sun Here by Neela Vaswani



November 4, 7pm


Patrick Flanery


November 6, 7pm


Michelle Bailat-Jones


November 11, 7pm


What We See When We Read with Francoise Mouly


November 12, 7pm


Nuruddin Farah


November 13, 7pm


In Conversation: Atticus Lish & Daniel Long

In Conversation: Atticus Lish & Daniel Long

November 17, 10:30am

KidsRead: Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka



November 19, 7pm


CFA/Sisters in Crime: Ruth Rendell

November 20, 7pm



Fiction Futures: Monica McFawn

November 21, 7:30pm



Notes on Fiction: Orfeo by Richard Powers

December 2, 11am

KidsRead: Ava and Pip by Carol Weston



December 2, 6:30pm

Epiphany: Risky Words



December 4, 7pm

Other People's Lives: The Question of Truth in Storytelling and Reportage



December 8, 6:30pm

First Novel Fête



December 9, 6:30pm


The Center for Fiction Annual Awards Dinner

December 16, 11am


KidsRead: Kinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth


January 22, 7pm

Fact & Fiction: David Finkel and Roxana Robinson

Thank You For Your Service and Sparta



January 30, 7pm



Trollope Society Winter Reception 


February 11, 7pm


In Conversation: A.M. Homes and Dorthe Nors

May We Be Forgiven and Karate Chop



February 12, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Michael Connelly



February 20, 7pm

In Conversation: Adam Wilson and Peter Mountford

What's Important Is Feeling and A Dismal Science



February 26, 7pm


Rebecca Mead: My Life in Middlemarch

March 4, 7pm

Drew Perry: Kids These Days



March 6, 7pm


Writer to Writer: Mary Morris and Valerie Martin

The Ghost of the Mary Celeste



March 7, 7:30pm


Notes on Fiction: Grimm's Fairy Tales

March 18, 7pm


Calliope Author Recordings Launch

March 19, 11:30am

KidsRead: An Army of Frogs by Trevor Pryce



March 25, 7pm



CFA Master Class: Lisa Unger



March 27, 7pm



Robert Coover: The Brunist Day of Wrath



March 28, 7:30pm


Notes on Fiction: 
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, by Philip K. Dick


April 2, 7pm


Celebrating Epiphany: A Literary Magazine

April 4, 11:30am

KidsRead: Ava & Pip by Carol Weston



April 7, 7pm



Astoria to Zion, an Ecotone anthology

April 8, 7pm



Writer to Writer: Alena Graedon and Teddy Wayne

The Word Exchange


April 9, 7pm


The Art of Memoir: Elizabeth Nunez and Louise DeSalvo

Not for Everyday Use


April 10, 7pm


The Art of War: Jennifer Vanderbes and Phil Klay

The Secret of Raven Point and Redeployment


April 14, 7pm


Writer to Writer: Akhil Sharma and George Packer

Family Life


April 15, 7pm


In Conversation: Jack Ketchum and Laurie Lamson

NOW WRITE! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror


April 17, 7:30pm


CFA Master Class: Joyce Carol Oates

April 22, 7pm



Celebrating The Common and Guernica

April 24, 7pm



Celebrating NOON's 15th Anniversary
April 30, 7pm

In Conversation: Jaime Clarke and Charles Bock

Vernon Downs



May 1, 7pm


A Tribute to Bernard Malamud

May 6, 7pm


CFA Master Class: Joseph Kanon

May 8, 7pm



In Conversation: Anne Germanacos and Hilary Plum

Tribute and They Dragged Them Through the Streets


May 13, 11:30am

KidsRead: Game World by C.J. Farley



May 14, 7pm



A Stefan Zweig Discussion: George Prochnik and James Lasdun


May 15, 7pm



Writer to Writer: Zachary Lazar and Dana Spiotta

I Pity the Poor Immigrant


May 19, 7pm



Emerging Writer Fellows Reading


May 21, 7pm



In Conversation: Francine Prose and Rivka Galchen

Lovers at The Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 and American Innovations 


May 22, 11:30am

KidsRead: Bronxwood by Coe Booth



May 27, 7pm



Celebrating International Crime Fiction Month


May 28, 2pm



What's Not to Like? On "Unlikeable" Characters in Contemporary Fiction



May 29, 11:30am

KidsRead: Jacob’s Eye Patch by Beth Kobliner Shaw and Jacob Shaw, Illustrated by Jules Feiffer



June 3, 7pm



Writer to Writer: Sheila Kohler and Phillip Lopate

Dreaming for Freud: A Novel


June 5, 7pm



Women in Crime: Hank Phillippi Ryan

The Wrong Girl


June 18, 7pm



In Conversation: Michael Carroll and Alden Jones

Little Reef and Unaccompanied Minors


June 24, 7pm



Stuart Dybek: Ecstatic Cahoots: Fifty Short Stories and Paper Lantern: Love Stories



June 26, 7pm



Writer to Writer: Kate Zambreno and Jenny Offill

Green Girl




September 6, 7pm

Daniel Woodrell: The Maid's Version



September 10, 7pm



Anne Carson


September 11, 7pm


CFA Master Class: Karin Slaughter



September 14, 6pm


Lit Crawl with Darcey Steinke, Stefan Merrill Block,
and Marie-Helene Bertino

September 17, 7pm

Peter Orner and Susan Minot



September 18, 7:30pm

Notes on Fiction: House of Leaves



September 19, 7pm


Pamela Erens with Jonathan Dee

September 23, 7:30pm

Thomas Keneally with Sheridan Hay



September 24, 7:30pm


Stephen King with Owen King at John Jay College



September 26, 7pm


The Novel Cure: Susan Elderkin and Noreen Tomassi

October 2, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Scott Phillips



October 3, 7pm



Craftwork: Nino Ricci



October 9, 7pm


Robert Coover: The Brunist Day of Wrath

(This event has been postponed until spring)

October 10, 7pm



Big Read: Luis Alberto Urrea: Into The Beautiful North
October 11, 7pm

Big Read Film Screening: Seven Samurai



October 15, 7pm



Cari Luna & Michael Cunningham

October 16, 7pm

2013 Emerging Writers Fellows Reading



October 17, 7pm

The Independent Editor: Why Do I Need One? with Judy Sternlight, Marjorie Braman, Patricia Mulcahy, Joan Hilty, and Jane Rosenman



October 18, 7pm



Big Read Film Screening: The Magnificent Seven

October 22, 7pm

David Leavitt



October 24, 7pm

Still Writing Panel with Dani Shapiro, Darin Strauss, and Adam Wilson



October 25, 7pm

War is Murder: Writing Fiction in an Age of Perpetual Warfare with Joydeep Roy-Bhattacharya, Helen Benedict and Roy Scranton



October 28, 7pm


Big Read: Gabriel Roth & Kristopher Jansma

October 29, 7pm        

CFA Master Class: George Pelecanos


October 30, 7pm



Big Read: Kate Manning & Natalee Caple

October 31, 7pm


Women in Crime: Julia Spencer-Fleming
November 4, 7pm

Big Read: Esmeralda Santiago & Elizabeth Nunez



November 6, 7pm


Fathers and Sons: Stuart Nadler, Owen King, and David Gilbert 

November 9, 2pm

Roger Shattuck Conference Celebrating the Anniversary of Swann's Way

November 13, 7pm



CFA Master Class: Nelson DeMille

November 14, 6:30pm

New Literature from Europe with Ilija Trojanow, Sabine Gruber, Witold Szablowski, Maria Dueñas, and Daniela Zeca-Buzura. 



November 15, 7:30pm


Notes on Fiction: A Moveable Feast

November 19, 7pm


Rewriting Proust with Elyane Dezon-Jones, Charles Dantzig, and Daniel Levin Becker with mediator Alexander Aciman



November 20, 7pm



Ann Hood & Elissa Schappell
November 21, 7pm

Victoria Redel & Beverly Gologorsky



December 3, 7pm


A Tribute to Frederick Busch

December 5, 7pm



Notes on Fiction: White Noise

December 10

First Novel Fête



December 11

Benefit and Awards Dinner



December 18

In Conversation: Stanley Crouch and Tom Piazza on Charlie Parker



January 10, 6:30pm

Author & Editor & Agent: Luis Alberto Urrea, Geoff Shandler, and Julie Barer



January 10, 7pm



CFA Masters: Charlaine Harris


January 23, 7pm


New Directions for Clarice Lispector with Idra Novey, Johnny Lorenz and Barbara Epler



January 26, 6pm

Meriç Algün Ringborg: The Library of Unborrowed Books



February 7, 7pm

Author & Editor: Amity Gaige and Cary Goldstein



February 12, 7pm

Party for The Literarian with Sigrid Nunez, Terese Svoboda, and Rumaan Alam



February 21, 7pm

Why We Write with James Frey, Kathryn Harrison and Meredith Maran



February 26, 7pm

CFA Masters: Linda Fairstein



February 28, 7pm



Epiphany Lit Mag

March 5, 7pm


In Conversation: Jessica Francis Kane & Susan Steinberg



March 8

AWP: Don DeLillo and Dana Spiotta



March 13, 7pm

In Conversation: Jamie Quatro and Jill McCorkle



March 19, 7pm

CFA Masters: Jeffery Deaver



March 20, 7pm



Kristopher Jansma:  The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards 


March 21, 7pm

In Conversation: MG Vassanji and Elizabeth Nunez



April 1, 7pm

Taiye Selasi: Ghana Must Go


April 9, 7pm



Marcel Proust: The Collected Poems with Harold Augenbraum and Adam Kirsch



April 11, 7:30



Comedy in Fiction, a panel with Fiona Maazel, Jim Shepard, Sam Lipsyte, and moderator Jason Diamond



April 16, 7pm

Renata Adler: Speedboat and Pitch Dark



April 17, 7pm

CFA Masters: Mary Higgins Clark



April 24, 7pm

Christina Baker Kline and Caroline Leavitt



April 25, 7pm

Marcel Proust, The Musician



May 1, 7pm



CFA Masters: Lorenzo Carcaterra

May 2, 7pm



Claire Messud: The Woman Upstairs

May 8, 7pm




May 9, 7pm      

2012 NYC Emerging Writers Fellows Reading


May 14, 7pm

May 21, 7pm


What Makes an Editor Keep Reading? Led by Dawn Raffel
May 15, 7pm

James Salter: All That Is


May 29, 3pm



NBCC: New Literary Journals

May 29, 4pm


NBCC: The VIDA Count & Gender Bias in Book Reviewing

May 30, 7pm



Elliott Holt and Michael Cunningham

June 4, 7pm

Roxana Robinson: Sparta



June 6, 7pm

Bill Cheng: Southern Cross The Dog



June 7, 8pm

Notes on Fiction: Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451


June 20, 7pm


Ru Freeman and Deborah Baker
June 22, 7pm

The Literarian Goes to Bushwick: Art Show and Reading at OUTLET in Brooklyn


June 25, 7pm

Investigating International Noir, with Jessica Hagedorn, Wolf Haas, Zane Lovitt, and moderator Sarah Weinman

June 26, 7pm

Elsie Augustave and Ann Hood: Cross-Cultural Adoption




September 11, 7pm

Steve Stern and Joshua Cohen



September 15, 6pm



LitCrawl with Paul La Farge, Alison Espach, and

Helen Phillips


September 18, 7pm


Victor LaValle



September 19, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Lawrence Block



September 20, 7pm

Sandy Lerner



September 23

Brooklyn Book Festival Panel



September 25, 7pm

Susan Richards Shreve & Elizabeth Strout



September 27, 7pm

Sheila Kohler & Maaza Mengiste



October 1, 7pm


Marie-Helene Bertino: Safe As Houses



October 2, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Val McDermid



October 3 & 4

Robin Sloan: Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore



October 9, 7pm

Patrick Somerville & Hannah Tinti



October 10, 7pm



Dana Johnson: Elsewhere, California



October 16, 7pm

Craftwork: Robley Wilson



October 18, 7pm



Lisa Zeidner & Karen Russell

October 19, 7:30pm

Notes on Fiction: A Clockwork Orange 



October 23, 7pm

Madeline Miller



October 24, 7pm

A Celebration of "Great Books" with James Sloan Allen



October 25, 7pm

2012 Emerging Writers Fellows Reading



November 7, 7pm        

CFA Master Class: Dennis Lehane


November 8, 7pm

A. M. Homes: May We Be Forgiven



November 13, 7pm



Mentors, Muses & Monsters with Thomas Beller, Dani Shapiro, Maud Newton, and Elizabeth Benedict

November 15, 7pm

Christine Schutt: Prosperous Friends



November 20, 7pm




Anka Muhlstein: Monsieur Proust's Library

November 27, 7pm



Lynne Sharon Schwartz and Binnie Kirshenbaum

November 29, 7:30pm



Notes on Fiction: Murakami's 1Q84

December 4, 7pm

Beyond Geography with Hari Kunzru, Jennifer Haigh, Sonya Chung and Jennifer Acker



December 5, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Susan Isaacs



December 10

First Novel Fete



December 11

Benefit and Awards Dinner





January 18, 7pm

In Conversation: Tom Rob Smith and Lawrence Block



January 20, 7pm


Criticism Beyond Itself with Rivka Galchen, Elif Batuman and Mark Athitakis



January 24, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Elmore Leonard



January 26, 5pm

Marathon Reading of Edith Wharton



January 31, 7pm

Alan Lightman: Mr g



February 6, 7pm

Author & Agent: Krys Lee and Susan Golomb



February 8, 7pm

Burton Pike on Gerhard Meier



February 9, 7pm


Bernice L. McFadden: Gathering of Waters



February 15, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Harlan Coben



February 16, 7pm

In Conversation: Meredith Maran and Alix Strauss



February 21, 7pm

In Conversation: Hilma Wolitzer and Michael Cunningham



February 22, 7pm



Gregor von Rezzori's An Ermine in Czernopol with Wallace Shawn and Deborah Eisenberg



February 23, 7pm

In Conversation: Belinda McKeon and Colm Tóibín



February 28, 7pm

Author & Agent: Ramona Ausubel and PJ Mark



March 8, 7pm

Thomas Mallon: Watergate



March 13, 7pm     

CFA Master Class: Lee Child



March 14, 7pm     

Craftwork: Douglas Glover



March 15, 7pm     

A Celebration of The Literarian



March 20, 7pm                 

Heidi Julavits: The Vanishers


March 22, 7pm     

Louis Begley: Schmidt Steps Back



April 3, 7pm



April Bernard: Miss Fuller

April 9, 7pm

Peter Behrens: The O’Briens



April 10, 7pm

CFA Master Class: Laura Lippman



April 12, 7pm

Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Re-Evaluating an American Classic with Roxana Robinson, Darryl Pinckney, and Jane Smiley



April 17, 7pm

Kathryn Harrison: Enchantments



April 19, 7pm

NOON 2012 Launch Party



April 25, 7pm



In Conversation: Jo Ann Beard and Ralph Sassone

May 8, 7pm

Ben Fountain: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk



May 10, 7pm

An Evening with The Center for Fiction 2011 Emerging Writers Fellows



May 15, 7pm

Alix Kates Shulman: Ménage



May 16, 7pm                     

CFA Master Class: Joyce Carol Oates



May 17, 7pm

The Brooklyn Rail



May 21, 7pm

Roxane Gay and Brian Evenson



May 24, 7pm

Mothers on the Verge with Jessica Keener, Caroline Leavitt and Leora Skolkin-Smith



May 30, 7pm



2012 Roger Shattuck Prize for Criticism: Ruth Franklin & David Yaffe



May 31, 7pm



Celebrating The Stories of John Cheever with Susan Minot, Rick Moody, and Elizabeth Strout



June 6, 7pm



Richard Ford and Joyce Carol Oates


June 7, 7pm


Author & Editor: Alix Ohlin and Gary Fisketjon



June 13, 7pm

Dawn Raffel: The Secret Life of Objects



June 19, 7pm



Author & Editor: Jess Walter and Cal Morgan


June 20, 7pm



Lev Grossman and Kelly Link




September 8, 7pm 

n+1 presents Lightning Rods


September 10, 6:00pm 

LitCrawl NYC with Shya Scanlon, Fiona Maazel, and Lizzie Skurnick


September, 13, 7pm

30 Under 30: An Anthology of Innovative Fiction by Younger Writers



September 15, 7pm 

In Conversation: Helen Benedict and Terese Svoboda


September 16, 7pm 

A Celebration of The Literarian


September 18 

Brooklyn Book Festival


September 19, 7pm 

Benjamin Markovits on Byron


September 20, 7pm 

Damion Searls on Proust and Ruskin


September 21, 7pm 

Craftwork: Darin Strauss


October 3, 7pm 

Big Read: Utopia/Dystopia


October 4, 7pm

Paul La Farge's Luminous Airplanes



October 5, 7pm 

Big Read: Why Fantasy Matters


October 6, 7pm 

In Conversation: S.J. Rozan and Alafair Burke


October 11, 7pm 

Authors & Editors: Dana Spiotta and Nan Graham


October 12, 7pm

Big Read: Margaret Atwood on In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination



October 13, 7pm 

Big Read: Before and After Harry Potter: YA and Fantasy


October 17, 7pm 

Chapter & Verse: Jerry Adler and Susan Kinsolving on Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson

October 18, 7pm 

On the Comic Novel


October 19, 7pm 

Big Read: The Wave in the Mind: A Tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin



October 20, 5:30pm 

Big Read: Earthsea Group Read


October 21, 7pm


Big Read: The Lathe of Heaven



October 24, 7pm 

Big Read: Outsiders In/Of Science Fiction and the Fantastic



October 25, 7pm 

Writing Dublin, Writing New York with The Stinging Fly


October 26, 7pm 

Big Read: From Urdu Epic and Tibetan Sorcerers to Today


October 27, 7pm 

An Evening with The Center for Fiction Fellows



November 1, 7pm 

Craftwork: Jessica Hagedorn


November 4, 7pm 

The Bridge Series Presents Editors on the Art of Translation


November 8, 7pm

In Conversation: Laura Furman and Lily Tuck



November 9, 7pm

Elizabeth Nunez: Boundaries



November 10, 7pm

Eric Kraft: Persistence



November 15, 7pm

Authors & Editors: Peter Orner and Pat Strachan



November 16, 6:30pm   

New Literature from Europe Festival

Crime Scene: Europe



November 17, 7pm

Sheila Kohler and Audrey Niffenegger on Jane Austen



November 29, 7pm

Peter Matthiessen



December 5, 6:30pm

First Novel Fête



December 6, 6:30pm

Benefit and Awards Dinner Honoring Nan Graham and Announcing the Winner of the 2011 Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize



December 8, 7pm

Authors & Editors: Julie Otsuka and Jordan Pavlin



December 9, 6pm



The Bridge Series: Lydia Davis and Anna Moschovakis



December 13, 7pm

David Lipsky on David Foster Wallace



December 14, 7pm

Fiction/TV: Tom Piazza





January 19, 7pm

Book Reviews, Revamped



January 26, 6:30pm

Website Launch Party



February 10, 7pm

Authors & Editors with Teju Cole and David Ebershoff



February 15, 7:30pm

A Retreat for Writers with Edmund White, Zadie Smith, Gary Shteyngart, Mary Gaitskill, Colm Tóibín, Andrew Sean Greer, and Michael Cunningham



February 16, 7pm

Craftwork with Betsy Lerner



February 22, 7p

On the Real Side with Mel Watkins, Susan Fales-Hill, and Sabrina Lamb. With moderator Malaika Adero



February 24, 7pm

Philip Roth with Claudia Roth Pierpont, Nathan Englander, and Scott Raab



March 1, 7pm

Flatmancrooked with Emma Straub, Shya Scanlon, and Deena Drewis



March 10, 7pm



There is No Year with Blake Butler

March 15, 7pm

In Conversation: Frederic Tuten and Ross Bleckner on the Intersection of Contemporary Art and Writing



March 22, 7pm

Deb Olin Unferth and Ben Marcus



March 31, 7pm

The Use and Abuse of Literature with Marjorie Garber



April 7, 7pm


In Conversation: Tom McCarthy and Eric Banks



April 19, 7pm

Craftwork with Peter Straub



April 21, 7pm

Cursor with Lynne Tillman, Kio Stark, and Richard Nash



May 5, 7pm

NOON Launch Party with Chiara Barzini, Brandon Hobson, and Diane Williams



May 10, 7pm



Edith Pearlman and Alice Mattison

May 12, 7pm

Authors & Editors with Anna North and Reagan Arthur



May 17, 7pm

Chapter & Verse: Christine Baranski on Edith Sitwell



May 23, 7pm

Granta Roundtable on the making of The Best Young Spanish Language Novelists Issue



May 25, 7pm

Craftwork with Victor LaValle



June 1, 7pm  

Chapter & Verse: Swoosie Kurtz on Edith Wharton



June 8, 6:30pm

Dennis Lehane and Daniel Woodrell / 

Clifton Fadiman Medal Presentation



June 14, 7pm

Young, Black, Gifted, and Gay: Powerful Men in the Entertainment Industry



June 15, 7pm

In Conversation: Tiphanie Yanique and Elizabeth Nunez  



June 21, 7pm

Authors & Editors with Kate Christensen and Gerald Howard



June 22, 7pm

Roger Shattuck Prize for Criticism with Lila Azam Zanganeh and Marco Roth



June 23, 7pm

The Storm at the Door with Stefan Merrill Block



June 29, 7pm

In Conversation: Sheila Kohler and Edmund White



July 8, 7pm No Rest for the Dead with Peter James, Marcia Talley, John Lescroart, RL Stine, Diana Gabaldon, Jeffery Deaver, Michael Palmer and Gayle Lynds