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Roger Shattuck was a distinguished scholar, writer and literary critic, perhaps best known for his studies on French literature, culture and Proust. After serving time in the Army Air Force during WW II and later, finishing his bachelor's degree at Yale, Shattuck moved to Paris. It was in France that he developed his interest and love for French culture, and where he met his wife Nora White, a dancer for the Les Ballets Russes des Monte Carlo and Le Ballet de Paris. He published his first book, The Banquet Years: The Origins of the Avant-Garde in France, 1885 to WW I in 1958, after moving back to New York. The book was overwhelmingly well-received, and he went on to publish several books of literary criticism as well as several definitive texts on Proust. 



Shattuck Conference 2013

Saturday November 9, 2013
02:00 pm

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2:00-2:10 pm 


2:10-3:00 pm  

Anka Muhlstein on Odette and the Women in Proust

3:15 pm 

Presentation of Shattuck Awards for Criticism to Robyn Creswell & Abigail Deutsch by Patricia Shattuck      


Today’s Literary Criticism Looks at Proust’s Women
3:45 pm   

Remarks by Caroline Weber, Columbia University, on the Duchesse de Guermantes, an aristocrat at a time of change


Remarks by Hollie Harder, Brandeis University, on Francoise as a peasant domestic and, along with the Duchesse, a voice of la France profonde.


Remarks by Benjamin Taylor on Mme. Verdurin and the unstoppable rise of the bourgeoisie


Speakers Roundtable with Harold Augenbraum, Director, National Book Foundation, followed by audience interventions

5:30 pm  

Thank yous and closing remarks about Shattuck from Noreen Tomassi, director The Center for Fiction


Wine and Cheese Reception



Participants (In order of appearance):


Anka Muhlstein was born in Paris in 1935. She spent the war years in New York City and returned to France in 1945. She moved back to New York with her two sons from a previous marriage, Robert and Stéphane Dujarric, when she married Louis Begley in 1974. She has published ten books of biographies and essays. She has been awarded the Goncourt prize of Biography and has twice received the History Prize of the French Academy. Her work has been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Chinese and Japanese. Her published works include La Femme Soleil, Victoria, James de Rothschild, Manhattan, Cavelier de La Salle, Napoléon á Moscou, Garçon, un cent d’huîtres, Balzac et la Table, Venedig Unter Vier Augen and most recently Monsieur Proust's Library (Other Press, 2012).


Robyn Creswell teaches comparative literature at Brown University and is poetry editor of The Paris Review. His writings on Arabic literature and contemporary poetry have appeared in Harper’s Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, n+1, The Nation, Raritan, and Bidoun, among other publications. He is the translator of Abdelfattah Kilito’s The Clash of Images (New Directions, 2009), from the French, and Sonallah Ibrahim’s That Smell and Notes from Prison (New Directions, 2013), from the Arabic. Robyn’s academic work focuses on modernism and modernity in Arabic poetry. He was a fellow at the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers in 2011-2012.


Abigail DeutschAbigail Deutsch's reviews and essays appear in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Book Review, Poetry, The Times Literary Supplement, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Village Voice, n+1, Bookforum, The Village Voice, The Yale Review, Time, The New Yorker online, and The Paris Review online. She received her B.A. in English from Yale University and her M.A. in Arts and Cultural Journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. In 2009, she won the Journalism School's Criticism Prize and Nona Balakian Award for Literary Criticism. In 2010, she received Poetry magazine's Editors Prize for Reviewing, and in 2013, she was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle's Nona Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing. She lives and works in New York City.


Caroline Weber, with degrees from both Yale and Harvard, is Associate Professor of French at Columbia (Barnard College). Her most recent book, Queen of Fashion: What Marie-Antoinette Wore to the Revolution, made the LA Times best-seller list and was a Notable Book of the Year for the New York Times and Best Book of the Year for the Washington Post.  Her articles are found in both scholarly journals and the New York Times and Vogue. We note, for this conference, that Professor Weber is currently working on a book titled Proust's Duchess (Knopf, 2015).


Our presentation of Professor Hollie Harder brings Shattuck scholarship full circle. Currently Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies, and Director of the Language Programs in Romance Studies at Brandeis University, Professor Harder’s Ph. D. is from Boston University where she was a student of Roger Shattuck’s.  Her two most recent presentations were “Marcel Proust Letters” in Brandeis’ Close Looking Series and “Proust One Hundred Year Later” for the Modern Language Association convention in 2013.



Benjamin Taylor is the author of a book of essays, Into the Open, and two novels, Tales Out of School, winner of the Harold Ribalow Prize, and The Book of Getting Even, a 2009 Barnes & Noble Discover Award winner, a 2008 Los Angeles Times Favorite Book of the Year, and a Ferro-Grumley Prize Finalist. Doctor Taylor’s articles have appeared in Harper’s, Esquire, and many other periodicals.  A member of the Graduate Writing Program faculty at The New School, he is is currently at work on Marcel Proust: A Life in the Third Republic, a biography for the newly launched Yale Jewish Lives series. His edition of the collected essays of Saul Bellow, There Is Simply Too Much to Think About, is due from Viking in 2014.


Harold Augenbraum is Executive Director of the National Book Foundation.  He has published seven books on the Latino literature of the United State, most recently collaborating with five other editors on the Norton Anthology of Latino Literature. He has also translated several full-length literary works from the Spanish, including the novels of the Filipino writer José Rizal, and Penguin Classics recently published his edition of the Collected Poems of Marcel Proust. In 1996, while director of The Mercantile Library of New York, he founded the Proust Society of America.