Congratulations to Sharon Solwitz 
Winner of the 2017 Christopher Doheny Award


The winner of the fifth annual Christopher Doheny Award is Sharon SolwitzAbra Cadabra, a novel in stories centered on a family coping with a son’s illness, is based on the author’s own experiences. about the author 


The Christopher Doheny Award recognizes excellence in fiction or nonfiction on the topic of serious physical illness by a writer who has personally dealt or is dealing with life-threatening illness. The award carries with it a $10,000 prize and production and promotion of the Audible book, with the option to pursue print publication.

The winner was selected by a panel of three distinguished writers: Alissa Torres, Catherine Kapphahn, the 2015 winner of the Christopher Doheny Award, and Michelle Bailat-Jones, the inaugural prize winner, as well as four representatives from The panel also named three honorable mention manuscripts: Tornado Season by Doug Crandell; Leg by Greg Marshall; and Blazing Woman by Brahna Yassky.

About the Christopher Doheny Award


The Christopher Doheny Award recognizes excellence in fiction or creative nonfiction on the topic of serious physical illness. The award is presented annually for a completed manuscript that has not yet been published. It was founded in honor of Audible employee Chris Doheny, a writer himself, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a baby and passed away on February 20, 2013.


The winner of the award must demonstrate both high literary standards and a broad audience appeal while exploring the impact of illness on the patient, family and friends, and others. With generous support from Audible, Inc. and the Doheny family and friends, the award includes a $10,000 prize and production and promotion of the book in an audio edition, with the option to pursue print publication with the assistance of Audible, Inc. 


Our previous winners of the Christopher Doheny Award are  Lee Ann CoxCatherine Kapphahn, Mike Scalise (The Brand New Catastrophe, Sarabande Books), and Michelle Bailat-Jones (Fog Island Mountains, Tantor Media). The award was disbanded following the 2017 cycle.

With the Generous Support of the Following Individuals


Melody Aberg, Janet Albrecht, Maria and Rick Albrecht, Beth Anderson, Elizabeth Aronson, Chris Avello, Sharmeen Azmudeh, Beverly B., Jennifer Bassuk, Christopher Belelieu, Rob Bentley, Ryan Bing, Erica Bohde, Daniela Botterbusch, Louise Brabston, Frederick Brantley, Dean A. & Lois C. Brianik, Chelsea Bridgewater, Kathryn Burns, The Champagne Family, Amy Chapman, Laura Colebank, the Colleagues of Bayonne Medical Care Center & CarePoint Health Plan, John & Genevieve Connaughton, Jameson & Penelope Cooper, Andrew Cox, Emily Cox, Katherine Cox, Justin Crimmins, Tracy Crimmins, Mary and Jim Cristiano, Gilbert Cruz, Amanda D'Acierno, Anna & Angelo Danza, Diana Dapito, Kathy DiTomasso, Kerry Donahue, Dana Doheny, Justin Doheny, Kevin Doheny, Timothy Doheny, John & Viola Donnelly, Lisa Edelmann, Leslie Fannon, Merritt Farren, Dianne Flagello, Donis Flagello & Kathleen Doheny-Flagello, Genevieve Flagello, Diane Fox, The Robert J. Fox Family Trust, Sarah Fox, Molly Kay Frandson, Fiona Frawley-Hawes, Marsella Fults, Katherine Furman, Vivek Garipalli, Jeanneatte & Robert Geary, Bruce Gelb, Doreen Getz, Brian & Janet Giesen, James Golan, Lorraine Golan, Lois Golan-Lorusso, Leslie Gold, Lisa Goldstein, Melody Guerra, Denis Hadjiliadis & Tara Morrison, Chris Hajduk, T.M. Hakim, Christina Harcar, Ian & Fiona Hawes, Barbara Herrera, Richard & Erin Hill, Judy Hull, Ann Hunt & Laurie Ozelius, Victor Irmiere, Dawn & Gianfranco Isaia, Amy Johnson & Dave Santopietro, Daniel Kane, Joe Kim, Marie & Anthony Kenzie, Emily Krasner, Mary Ann & John Langevin, Domini Latorraca & Jacalyn L. Sharpe, James Lawler, Jennifer Lee, Randall Lotowycz, Marlene H. Lubinger, Jenny Lui, Julie M., Makiko, Sara Margolis, Marilyn MacDonall, Nicholas Mallis, Jennifer Mandel, Sarah Master, Christopher & Jennifer Usdan McBride, Daniel McCarthy, Deborah McGovern, Marie & Anthony McKenzie, Mita Menezes, Jonathan Mesagaes, Robert Miller, Paul & Kathleen Minarik, Tom Mitchel, Paul Monfardini, Jane Moreschi, Catherine Muldowney, Richard Murphy, James Myers & Judith Thomson, Rebecca Nackson, Susan & Harvey Nagler, Christopher Nammour, Sandra & Art Nelson, John & Adeline Olivo, Laurie Ozelius & Ann Hunt, Emily Parliman, Lara Patton, Raymond & Joan Podesfinski, Chris Podesfinski, Michael Powell & Todd Sorbee, Pamela Promer, Edward Pudup, Mary H. Reed, Chris Reilly, Michael & Barbara Renaldo, Jennifer Ridgeway, Wade Rifkin, Mary Beth Roche, Matthew Rosen, Patrick Roeder, Matthew Rosen, Kenneth Roush, Carol Santi, Mark Saran, Aalap Shah, Martha Shapiro, Alex Sharp, Sheryl Silverman, Jeffrey & Lisa Silvershein, Edith Simonelli, Marissa Simonelli, Jeff Singer, Maureen Soyars, Dr. Mark Spektor, Helen & H. Karl Springob, Mike Stevens, JoAnn Suckiel, Erin Sullivan, Martha Szescila, TEAM DOHENY, Patricia & Anthony Testa, Christina Therrien, Judith Thomson & James Myers, Matthew Thornton, Steven Tsounis, Angela Tucciarone, Erika Tucker, Cori Turkowski, Patricia Upton, Daniel & Denise Valvano, Nina Vij, Sean Vij, William & Karen Vivino, Marilyn Walz, Dave & Denise Wasserman, Workman Publishing Company, Marion & Charles Yanovsky, Lin Zeng.



Christopher Doheny


Chris Doheny joined Audible, Inc. while in college as a summer intern in 2002 just a few years after the company was founded. After graduating from Georgetown University in 2003, he returned to Audible, Inc. and spent the next eight years helping to build the company. Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was just a baby, Chris strived to live as normal a life as possible. Chris received a double lung transplant in June 2010. He passed away on February 20, 2013.



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